Erik Meijer: Democratizing the Cloud

Overgenomen van Channel 9

Erik Meijer is a computer science professor turned Microsoft Architect. He is responsible for things like helping to make VB.NET a great development language that supports constructs other managed languages can’t or working on LINQ for C# and much more. He also leads an incubation team working on some really cool progamming technology that promises to democratize the internet cloud. What does that mean? Watch or listen to find out.

This is a great conversation with a software tools and languages visionary. Enjoy.
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One Response to Erik Meijer: Democratizing the Cloud

  1. […] Bekend van deze blog zijn de spreker Erik Meijer (The Long Road From Theory To Practice) die met onder meer Hans Wagner deelneemt aan de FORUMDISCUSSIE: “Informatica – Redder van het Beta-Onderwijs?” […]

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