Dinsdag 28 september lezingenavond NINJA in De Fiets

september 16, 2010

Dinsdag 28 september a.s. vindt de 31e lezingenavond van NINJA plaats, waarbij we dit keer verificatie als thema hebben. De twee sprekers van deze avond zijn Mark van den Brand (TUE) en Marc Seutter (RU & Trident Microsystems). Beide praatjes hebben omwille van hergebruik een Engelse titel, abstract en slides, maar zullen in het Nederlands gehouden worden en niet al te theoretisch/technisch van aard zijn.

De titel van Marks lezing is “Using a DSL and Fine-Grained Model Transformations to Explore the Boundaries of Model Verification“.

Traditionally, the state-space explosion problem in model checking is handled by applying abstractions and simplifications to the model that need to be verified. We propose a model-driven engineering approach that works the other way around. Instead of making a concrete model more abstract, we propose to refine an abstract model to make it more concrete. We propose to use fine-grained model transformations to enable model checking of models that are as close to the implementation model as possible.

We applied our approach in a simple case study. The results show that it is possible to validate models that are more concrete when fine-grained transformations are applied.

Marcs praatje heeft “Design flow and verification” als titel.

Trident Microsystems Holland BV develops demodulators for the reception of digital TV, both as standalone devices and for integration into SOC (System on chip). When developing such incredibly complex hardware, making sure that it will perform, once frozen into silicon, is of vital importance. At every step in the design process, verification steps must also be executed.

Some of these steps are still done entirely by hand, some by using a combination of tools and human inspection and others by formal verification. In the talk, an overview of the design flow and the methods of verification, currently in use by Trident, will be given.

Deze avond wordt gehouden in de bovenzaal van cafe De Fiets, Grotestraat 8, 6511 VD Nijmegen. Zoals gebruikelijk begint de avond om 20u00.